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I'm a digital artist who draws humanoids, anthro, and animals. I like both fanart and OCs. MLP Pokemon and general anime.
Sexuality-Pan or Bi
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WetFoxArt's News

Posted by WetFoxArt - June 2nd, 2021


Posted by WetFoxArt - May 13th, 2021

If anyone is interested in commissioning me you can head to my price and rule sheet here https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/wetfoxart/commissoin-price-and-info-sheet/view/41845054/

(im pretty cheap lol)


Posted by WetFoxArt - January 27th, 2021

Congratulations me, you're another year older. When will science come far enough to stop the aging process? JK


Posted by WetFoxArt - August 31st, 2020

I just wanted to start this off by saying thank you to everyone for giving me this time. Didn't know I would be gone for so long. I'm no longer sick like I was but I'm overloaded with stress. My depression is out of control so much that my anti-anxiety and depression meds are barley helping at all. I have to be on constant alert and ready to help my family at any moment. My grandmother's heart has been having issues. My grandfather was in the hospital with uncontrollable bleeding that they never fingered out. (it just stopped on its own) My mothers surgery was suppose to be 3 maybe 4 hrs but it turned into 8 because of all the issues they ran into once inside. It was worse than what they thought. And now I know my bf is having some health issues we weren't aware of until he had his physical. Oh and my aunt just had a double mastectomy to save her life. My father is like the only one not sick. I cant imaging the kind of stress hes under. Both his parents and wife are having issues....damn. He needs my help now more then ever. In the words of my grandmother "Our family is falling apart." So am I back? Kinda. I wanna start drawing and posting again, even if its slowly. Ill be checking messages more often and trying to stay more connected.


Posted by WetFoxArt - July 9th, 2020

I got my results back and am following their guidelines. The tests I took apparently were not FDA approved and do not detect the mutated strain of covid out there. They let me know my results would still be negative if I had this mutant variant.(which they can't or don't test for) So do I have it or no?....We still don't really know. I'm just gonna treat myself like I do and stay away from people and take it easy for awhile longer. Besides I don't want to catch it if I don't already have it and I don't want to give anyone whatever it is I do have.

Also my mother has been in the hospital for a week+ now with a life threatening kidney problem. She had bladder cancer before and had to have her bladder and other feminine organs removed. Her kidney issues are related to that. She may require up for 3 surgeries to fix it. She has other medical issues too like diabetes and lupus. And along with her age shes not in the greatest of health anyways. So with my own health problems and now hers I will be very busy...


Posted by WetFoxArt - July 1st, 2020

I have been having breathing issues for the past few days but now other symptoms have started to emerge. They line up with COVID-19 symptoms so I'm heading to the hospital tomorrow to get tested. So please excuse my absence for a little while.


Posted by WetFoxArt - March 31st, 2020

Been playing a lot of Animal Crossing New Horizons...trying to drown out the mess the world is in right now. So why not draw some AC babes. Since there are so many characters to choose some, toss me your favorites and I just might draw them. (keep in mind I'm better at females and I will be doing "not so safe for work" art of them cause that's the kinda art I draw) So if your itching to see a certain Animal Crossing character in my style let me know :)



Posted by WetFoxArt - January 27th, 2020

Happy Birthday to ME!


Posted by WetFoxArt - December 23rd, 2019

Hope everyone has a great end of the year!! See ya in 2020 :)


Posted by WetFoxArt - November 5th, 2019

I wanna draw the new Generation 8 mons that are being leaked from the pokedex :0 But I wont be that person and will wait till the game is out for a bit. I know how hard it can be to not be spoiled nowadays. I had been staying spoil free until very recently. Anything that wasn't officially released I wasn't looking at. But when the pokedex was leaked people started drawing them and so my no leak streak was broken. I do have to say this pokedex has some really neat pokemon. I'm having a hard time trying to narrow down and team.

(this is not me shaming anyone for drawing/spoiling the new mons. I get you're excited and wanna share, you do you.)